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Bensemann Back on Board!

Riley Bensemann is the latest signing for the Mike Pero Nelson Giants, bringing the confirmed roster to 5 players. Bensemann is the fourth Nelson local to be signed, continuing the Giants’ trend of developing their local talent.

22-year-old Bensemann will enter his 7th season with the Giants in the best shape of his life, after putting in months of work under the tutelage of Giants strength and conditioning coach Fletcher Matthews. Head Coach Michael Fitchett has been impressed with his efforts.

“Riley has been working really hard this offseason. His fitness and strength is better than ever, and that is due to his own hard work and the input of Fletcher. Riley was disappointed with his lack of opportunities last season, and we had a good discussion about that in our season review. There are no guarantees for this season, but he has done everything required to give himself the best chance to get more court time.”

Bensemann appeared in only 6 games in 2021 but is ready for a greater role.

“I’ve been enjoying putting in the work in the offseason and am happy with how I’m playing in preseason. We have a bunch of young guys training with us, so I’ve been taking a bit of a leadership role too. Although I’m still only 22 I’ve been around for a long time so can help those guys get up to NBL speed”.

Bensemann is a teacher at Enner Glynn School and is grateful for the support the school staff and students provide.

“Enner Glynn have been really supportive of my basketball goals. I am able to use my non-contact time to train and then make that up later. A big group of staff came to games last season and lots of kids from school come to the games. It is cool to be able to chat to the kids about it all at mat time on Mondays!”

Fitchett sees Bensemann’s strengths at the offensive end with his ability to shoot and make plays. Bensemann shot the 3 at 44% in 2021.

“Riley is a knock down 3-point shooter who can really stretch the floor for us. He is also improving as a player making decisions in ballscreen actions, and this adds a dimension to his game that is very useful. The added strength he has put on in the offseason should help his defence too.”

Thank you to Total Oil for returning as a Player Sponsor for 2022. We cannot take the court without the generous support of our Partners, so thanks again to Total Oil.

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